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Google AdSense allows you to make money with practically no work. After you are accepted into the AdSense program, Google will generate advertisements on your page that relate to your content.

You will earn a small percentage every time a person clicks on an advertisement.

Our Adsense website come complete with articles relevant to your subject and Google Adsense already installed.

All we require is for you to register for Adsense and send up your Adsense ID so we can incorperate into your site


Google AdSense advertisements will be located all over your website. This allows you to generate income just by people visiting your website. In fact, there are people who make over 5 figures EACH MONTH just from AdSense revenue.


Numerous web users have recently posted how their Google AdSense account has been banned due to noncompliance with the Terms of Service of this affiliate program. It is really baffling since it is not so hard to abide by the terms laid down by Google.

Here is a list of mistakes to avoid.


  • Click your own ads. You may argue that you click on your own ad accidentally. But, when the number of clicks goes up to 20 in 10 minutes, no argument can save you from getting banned. In case you click an ad unknowingly, get in touch with Google AdSense right away to present your genuine reason for such happening before them.
  • Place Google AdSense ads on prohibited websites. When you place ads on websites containing objectionable or forbidden content, a ban is inevitable. Examples include porn, gambling, prescription drugs, guns and ammunition, alcohol, tobacco, copyright violation content, and hacker websites.
  • Display AdSense ads on ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Thank You’ pages.
  • Put related images close to your AdSense sections. For instance, you mislead visitors to click on your own advertisements by displaying images of mobiles adjacent to an AdSense section featuring mobile ads.
  • Create several accounts. Although you can have more than one account in a legitimate way, a single account is what Google AdSense will allow you to create.
  • Participate in an AdSense Click Group. Individuals in such groups click on the ads of other members. However, Google is competent enough to detect these people!
  • Display Google AdSense ads on pop-ups. Account holders put these ads on pop-ups that keep unveiling other pop-ups when a user attempts to close them. Google has a strong disliking for their ads being shown on pop-ups.
  • Request other individuals to click on your ads. Google has strict a guideline not to opt for this act. There are many stupid persons who use videos and other means of advertising to ask others to click on their advertisements.
  • Reveal the pricing structure of Google AdSense. Never discuss the earnings per click and impression, and click through rates with others.
  • Make use of automated malware to click on your ads. Certain people use bots to increase the number of clicks. This is totally unacceptable and should be avoided.
  • Place AdSense ads on pages having no content. You’re asking for a ban if you create pages that have nothing except the ads.
  • Build websites exclusively for Google AdSense. Google is taking stringent actions against websites that have the sole objective of making money with AdSense.
  • Display AdSense ads on hatred websites. This is not ethical. Refrain from it.
  • Stuff your pages with keywords. Google takes this negatively and may bar your account as a result.
  • Use too much vulgarity. Stay away from using bad language more often; otherwise, you have to pay a heavy price for it.

Just be careful about the aforesaid common mistakes that AdSense account holders commit. To learn Google’s AdSense program policies, follow this link: and for their Terms and Conditions page, go here: