As of May-2021, I am no longer searching for a new role. I am keeping this page up as it may still be of interest to some, but any enquiries will be politely refuted.

  • 30 year-old chartered engineer currently working at Rolls-Royce in Derby, UK.
  • Enjoy working as data-scientist and web-developer on the side from my full time job in aerospace. I wrote every line of code behind this website.
  • Self-motivated, hard-working and great attention to detail. Firmly believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right.
    • And, by extension, anything not worth doing right is not worth doing.

  • Data Analysis: Highly proficient with many generic analysis tools (Excel / VBA, Python, Matlab, SQL). Also keeping up-to-date with cutting edge analysis techniques in Machine-Learning / Deep-Learning fields.
  • Commitment to Quality: Personally dislike delivering work to a low standard - usually comes back to bite you. I hope this commitment to quality shows in this website.
  • Organisation: Extremely well-organised. Maintain a personal "To-do" list with active tasks tagged and prioritised. Time can be booked to tasks and delivery monitored. Regularly analyse personal task Earned Value Analysis to determine my cost / delivery performance.
  • Understanding what is Important: Adept at reading between the lines of formal specification to really understand what is required. Believe it is always important to 'think like the customer'.
  • Delivery: You can't sell 95% of an iPhone. I understand the importance of delivery in a production-ready state, and have a track record of doing so. My software tools developed for my previous employer receive thousands of hits monthly from sites all across the globe.

  • Turbines Methods Engineer
    Rolls-Royce (Jun-2018 to Jun-2021)
    • Developing robust and repeatable analysis tools. Based on previous experience within EHM (see below), I recognised the barriers to entry and designed software to overcome these barriers, improving accessibility to data across the business. My tools proved so robust they are now the standard way for most of the business to interface with these datasets.
    • One such tool identified unique flights by building up from snapshot data-points. The method proved so robust that it became the commercial standard for engine flying hours & cycles accounting.
    • Project lead to create lifing model for novel deterioration mechanism. Required cross-boundary working and negotiation between multiple teams without budget. I utilised advanced Machine Learning methods to calibrate the model against service experience and rig testing to create lifing model to an acceptable degree of accuracy.
  • EHM Support Engineer
    Rolls-Royce (Apr-2015 to Jun-2018)
    • EHM is 'Engine Health Monitoring' - using in-service engine performance data to proactively diagnose problems. For 18 months, I was the administrator of the EHM database, developing improved analysis and reporting capability, faciliating near real-time updates and resolving quality issues.
    • For the next 18 months, I was the support lead for the Trent XWB product, at the time the latest engine standard into service. Provided both regular and bespoke analysis to support customers, both internal and external.
    • Leveraging my experience as database admin, I set up a weather database alongside the performance database and developed capability to join both datasets. I was then able to demonstrate that anomalous engine performance was linked to previously unmeasured atmospheric conditions. This allowed improved fly-forward predictions, providing increased time on-wing potentially worth up to £200M.
    • In April 2018, I was personally headhunted to be the analysis lead for an active safety investigation. I developed a novel technique to detect lagged engine sensor measurements, and was able to productionise the technique to analyse over 100,000 1hz flight-tapes in under two weeks. This analysis supported the continued airworthiness of the fleet, avoiding potentially hundreds of aircraft being grounded and saving the company £100M+.
  • Graduate Trainee
    Rolls-Royce (Sep-2013 to Apr-2015)
    • On the graduate programme, I rotated through different areas of the business in 3-month attachments. Gained experience in:
      • Service Engineering (improved methods for data-capture from overhaul shops)
      • Transient Performance
      • Metrology
      • Repair
      • Design for Future Programmes

  • Chartered Engineer: IMechE, Jan-2019.
  • 2:1 MEng (Hons), Aeronautical Engineering: Loughborough University, Jul-2013.
  • I have also completed around 30 online Udemy courses, which is how I taught myself how to create websites (like this one).

  • 2017: Named Timperley Lacrosse "Players' Player of the Year".
  • 2016: Named in the Ireland Lacrosse national team to compete at the 2016 European Championships in Hungary.
  • 2015: Elected as President of the Birmingham City Lacrosse Club for the 2015-16 season.
  • 2013: Named Loughborough University Lacrosse Club's "Captain's Player of the Year".
  • 2013: Loughborough University Lacrosse Club finished second in the Northern Premiership BUCS league and runners-up in the BUCS championship, which remain their highest-ever positions.
  • 2011: Elected as Treasurer of the Loughborough University Students Lacrosse Club.
  • 2009: Appointed captain of Carryduff Senior Hurling team, while being the youngest player (aged 18).

  • Sports: I enjoy watching and playing many sports, to various degrees of success. After many tough years, I am pleased that it is finally a good time to be a Liverpool FC fan!
    • Update March-2021 - it is no longer a good time to be a Liverpool fan.
  • Hiking: I really enjoy going for a brisk hike with my partner and our two dogs. It's great being close to the Peak District!
  • Coding: I genuinely enjoy coding, and spend most of my evenings writing code in one format or another. I run websites for my family's various small businesses, and I wrote this website from the ground up. I love the challenge of wrestling messy data into a reuseable format and then crunching the numbers.

Don't practise until you can get it right - practise until you can't get it wrong.


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese Proverb

Make it correct, make it clear, make it quick - in that order.

Wes Dyer

Weeks of coding can save you hours of planning.


If it doesn't work, it doesn't matter how fast it doesn't work.

Mich Ravera

Testing can only show the presence, not the absence, of bugs.

Edsger W Djikstra

A user-interface should be so simple that a beginner in an emergency can understand it within 10 seconds.

Ted Nelson

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.

Filipe Fortes

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Please note - I do believe myself to have other skills not listed here (e.g. specific Python packages and ML techniques), but this list is already 16 items long, so I had to cut a balance between detail and usability for this widget.



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